Creative Portfolio 02 will, among other, show who are the creative teams, and who are the advertisers who are raising the standards in creative communication in our region

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Creative Portfolio, the first edition of which was released in May this year, is an annual review of the greatest creative achievements in advertising in the Adriatic region in a given year. All works awarded at national and regional festivals are presented in the book: Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF, Effie Serbia, Effie Croatia, Idea X and MIXX (Days of Communication of Croatia), BalCannes, Golden Drum, SEMPL and UEPS Serbia.

The second edition of the Creative Portfolio, due in mid-February 2019, will feature all the works awarded in 2018, which was very fruitful for the advertising industry of the Adriatic region. The book’s preparation is coming to a close. The only award ceremony that remains to be held is the UEPS Awards on December 21 in Belgrade, and the creative fairy tale of the Adriatic region for this year will be concluded.

Media Marketing, publisher of the Creative Portfolio, has signed an exclusive sponsorship agreement with Press Clipping from Maribor, which marks its 25th anniversary next year. It is no accident that Press Clipping has decided to support the regional communications industry in this way. Many have noted that the only constant of the Media Marketingportal is the banner of Press Clipping in the top position of our banner column since the portal was launched.

Press Clipping was the first to accept our mission and vision, and believed that the portal would become what it has been for years now – the most relevant media for the regional advertising industry. In a recent research into the satisfaction of our readers, 29% of respondents noticed that the Press Clipping banner is a constant fixture on our top banner spot. I am grateful to Tatjana Novak and her team for their support to our portal, and their great creativity in designing their banners. When we contacted a couple of potential sponsors for the Creative Portfolio, one of the first to respond was the Press Clipping, and we were very glad for that. There’s a certain logic to it. What else is a Creative Portfolio that includes all the award-winning campaigns than a ‘clipping’ from national and regional festivals,” said Ekrem Dupanović, co-author and editor of the Creative Portfolio.

“Anyone who goes through the pages of this year’s Creative Portfolio will experience an explosion of inspiration, whether they are a student or a CEO. This year some new agencies entered the book, some of them with more than one project. In the region, several extraordinary socially responsible campaigns were designed to save lives, and there’s a large number of those which have exceeded all sales targets of the client. To the pride of the festivals, whose juries this year awarded prizes to the most creative and most effective solutions, and to anyone who participated in their creation in any way, Creative Portfolio 02 will show, among other things, who are the creative teams and who are the advertisers who push the standards when it comes to creativity of communication solutions in our region. Everyone needs to see and know this. And to learn from them,” said Asja Dupanović, co-author and executive editor of the Creative Portfolio.

And finally, as icing on the cage, here’s what Tatjana Novak, CEO Press Clipping, said of the sponsorship of Creative Portfolio 02:

“I am proud to say that together with my business partners Boštjan Vilčnik, Helena Koščica, Goran Stojanovič and Vladimir Savić, as well as the team of our employees and external associates, we daily influence the key decisions of brands through accurate tracking and analysis of the media content.

2019 will be the year in which we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our business. As the advertising industry changed from a pen to 3D animation, so have we upgraded our humble scissors over time with cutting-edge IT solutions. Being creative is imperative for success in the advertising industry. Unfortunately, in our day-to-day business, what matters are the facts: key topics turn into graphs of efficiency and activity and, through know-how, into competitive edge and decision-making goals. But that does not mean that we are not creative in our business. We absolutely are.

Press clipping and the advertising industry have a common trait in following media content and analysis of competitiveness, positioning of brands, and stories that are created from ideas that are recognized through marketing messages not only in digital, but across all other elements of promotion.

I wish to congratulate all agencies whose ideas will be presented in this historic book.

I believe that Creative Portfolio 02 will be an inspiration for the future, just as our inspiration were our clients with whom we create new products for new successes.

Press Clipping will always stand alongside the communications industry, to provide it all the support it needs,” said Tatjana Novak.